Why Businesses Need Managed VoIP Services

Why Businesses Need Managed VoIP Services

Switching to VoIP can make a huge impact on your mobility, productivity and cost savings on telephony utility bills. If your business places international calls, your staff work remotely or are on the road regularly, VoIP can save a significant amount of money.

VoIP functionality is also available as a mobile application. However, using commercial voice services are not safe. Downloading off-the-shelf VoIP’s could leave you exposed to bad actors.

A recent case involving the zero-day flaws discovered in Android Kernel, reveals how commercial VoIP’s could allow malicious hackers to gain root access to your phones.

As a professional VoIP service provider, Enlightened IT implement security measures that keep you safe from hackers. We also have processes and procedures that secure, protect and maintain all your internet-connected devices.

Because VoIP systems enhance the potential for collaboration, file sharing, video conferencing and instant messaging, they can make a huge impact on the productivity and mobility of your employees.

The Benefits of VoIP for Businesses

VoIP offers a wide range of communication options that provide significant benefits for you and your company:

  1. Superior call quality
  2. Enhanced versatility and functionality
  3. Encryption to keep communications secure
  4. Record calls
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Easily add new users
  7. Resolve telephony problems remotely

What Can You Expect From a Professional VoIP?

Commercial VoIP services such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Messenger and Zoom are prone to delays, echoes and other technical issues which make telephone conferencing frustrating. Such problems do not reflect well on the professionalism of your business.

Businesses need a service provider that has a reliable network that delivers crystal-clear call quality. Because VoIP relies on an internet connection, having sufficient bandwidth to support multiple users is a necessity.

Telecommunication firms have already had a run-in with Ofcom for exploiting customers. Once contracts end, consumes are rolled on to end-of-contract packages that are subpar for business use.

Enlightened IT always make sure your internet bandwidth is sufficient to support your VoIP system.

We also provide Quality of Service equipment that is installed on-site at your offices. This enables us to proactively monitor and maintain the network remotely so we can prevent problems before they happen. Professional business VoIP system keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

A common issue with conventional telephony systems is the hardware can take several days and up to a week to repair – a disaster for businesses that rely on n telephone communications. In the unlikely event, your VoIP system did go down, we could fix it within minutes.

VoIP is also incredibly easy to scale. This makes it an essential asset for companies that have high peaks during holiday seasons and have a high turnover of employees that need adding and removing from your telephony listings.

VoIP offers SMEs more flexibility, scalability and reliability in a conveniently wrapped and affordable package.

You also need to consider the decline in service offered by telecommunication services over the next five years. BT is scrapping its existing PSTN in favour of VoIP by 2025, so traditional phone lines will no longer be available.

VoIP is the future – and it’s already here!