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Today’s businesses rely on IT infrastructure that delivers an acceptable level of performance. However, to IT-fit an entire office with hardware, software and IT support services runs up costs many start-ups and small businesses can ill-afford to spend. 

If you’re on a low budget but need an effective IT equipment for a cost you can afford, or your current desktops are tired and running slow, it makes business sense to invest in computer hardware that provides stability and enables you to make huge savings that you can spend developing other areas of your business. Based in Yorkshire Enlightened IT Services offer Refurbished desktops and laptops across the UK.

Business-Ready IT Equipment

Today’s business owners have to be smarter with how you spend your capital. The cost of running a business is sky-high and with such fierce competition in the marketplace, it even costs more to attract and retain customers. Not only do you need to preserve your budget, you also need to invest in computer equipment that delivers uncompromising quality.

The mantra that every business needs to invest in a brand new infrastructure is a myth. Whilst the latest computer models and high-capacity processors will probably have more longevity than refurbished IT equipment, in reality, there is little difference. Refurbished hardware offers greater savings in both the short-term and the long-term.

Enlightened IT Services sell refurbished ex-corporate desktops and laptops that have the high-end specifications you would ordinarily expect from hardwire designed for corporate businesses. Furthermore, all the IT equipment we refurbish is thoroughly tested and certified – and unlike many refurbished products, we offer a one-year warranty on anything you purchase. We even offer free delivery to UK customers

Intel Core i3

If you need to stick to a low budget, refurbished computers with an Intel Core i3 is probably your best option. However, it depends on your business. Intel Core i3 are standard consumer-grade processors, and whilst they are perfectly adequate for running your everyday programs like Microsoft Office, internet browsing and other general tasks, they don’t pack the power to run databases, 3D graphic chips and accounting software.

Intel Core i5

For businesses that rely on computers capable of multi-tasking, you will need hardware with at least an Intel Core i5 processing chip. This type of pc is well suited to accounts staff and other departments where there is a database-driven application. In essence, the Intel Core i5 caters to value-minded users that need an acceptable level of performance for an acceptable price.

Intel Core i7

Many business users today need a high-end performance processor. The Intel Core i7 can handle multitasking easily and delivers a superior performance for users with heavy-duty content creation packages such as Adobe suites, CAD, 3D animation and other rendering applications. If you need computer hardware that packs a punch, ask us about the refurbished IT we have with an Core i7.

Quality Refurbished Laptops and PC'S

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1 Year

Windows 10
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