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Leeds Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security should be a major concern for every business and be a topic of discussion. But sadly it is not, too many businesses think it won’t happen to them or cannot justify the spend on preventing an invisible threat.

Before you can prevent a security breach you need to identify the security risks within your business. Once this has been identified then preventive measures can be implemented to protect your business.

End Point Security

End Point Security on devices can prevent many cyber threats from accessing your computers and network. There are a lot of security software on the market, however we teamed up with Bitdefender Gravity to be able to provide our clients the most robust and active security software on the market, Bit Defender delivers the following aspects of security – Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Zero Day Exploits, Advanced Firewall and Patch management, all rolled into one centrally manged system. With full reporting available keeping track of your computer’s vulnerabilities is just an email report away.

Threat Prevention

Cyber Security is not just about installing some software on your workstations and thinking your protected. The biggest way to tackle Cyber Crime is end user training. Users are both unpredictable and curious at the same time and sometime click on things and don’t take a second to consider the consequences. Those special offer emails you get on a Friday afternoon just begging you to click them. This is where training is imperative to stop threats before they happen. We offer both onsite and offsite Cyber Security training for both small and medium businesses.

Cyber Awareness Training

Even with all the hardware and software in place, there is still the human element to take into account. That is where our Cyber Awareness Training comes into effect. We can deliver Cyber Awareness Training to you and your staff to make you more aware of the types of schemes that are used to either access your data or infiltrate your company.

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Our training package is broken down to 6 main elements of Cyber Security.

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