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Business Connectivity

How do you choose which provider to select when it comes to phones and connectivity? Is it cost, reviews, word of mouth? Internet connectivity is becoming more important on a daily basis and is more dependant now than ever. VOIP phone systems are now a common phone system in most companies and with the impending closure of ISDN lines, what will your company use?

VOIP Systems

With so many VOIP Providers who do you choose from? It is always best to know what you want to get out of the system before you start to look. No longer does your phone system have to have physical phones, you can now use softphones that can be installed on your mobile phone, computers and tablets, thus being able to be completely mobile but still answer the landline to clients.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is a must for all businesses that uses anything related to the internet, (Emails, Search Engines, Websites, etc), so choosing the right connectivity is vital for your business. Broadband is getting faster and faster as the technology changes and evolves, however the UK still does have a lot of old BT wiring which does limit your connection speed. A lot of providers rely on the BT network to provide their internet service to you, others have their own networks that connect to the internet core.

4g Connectivity

No need to accept slow internet speeds anymore. No more excuses from the providers regarding old BT lines or distances. Enlightened IT Services believe in choice, the choice to have high speed broadband where ever you may be. As always we think outside the box and look for solutions your average Comms company will not dare entertain.

Not happy with your current provider or service? Contact us and lets see what choices your business has.

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Benefits of our Connectivity Service

Remote workers can connect securely to the network.

A single number so you can be contacted at your desk, on your mobile, or using VoIP.

Reduced business telecoms costs.

Easier access to information as all communications are in one place.

Customised service to meet your business’ telecoms needs.

Support that is managed by us, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter.


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