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Cloud Backup

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Data is the most valuable commodity in the world. If your company data is lost or stolen, your business would be at risk of closing or worse prosecution under GDPR. Whether the data is financial, sensitive, documents, media, etc it all needs to be stored securely. Not having backups in this day and age and thinking it will never happen to you is a foolish notion and should be taken very seriously.

Data Protection

No two companies are the same when it comes to data. Some may keep all their data on their computer, others may use a server or a nas box and the rest may use the cloud to hold their information. Where ever your information is stored, you need a system that keeps it safe and secure from deletion, changes, corruption, ransomware attacks etc.

Backup Solutions

Because of all these different types of storage media, one system for all types of backups is not possible. Enlightened IT Services have been supplying backup solutions for many years and throughout its course has a variety of choices of solutions at hand to choose from.

Misconceptions on Backups

Some cloud systems are no viable for a backup solution, these are ones that use a sync app from your computer to the cloud, such systems are Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Drive system. Yes, these are great for collaborating with work colleges, however these themselves do not secure your data in the way of a ransomware attack. In fact they help spread it up into the cloud with there sync systems. If you do use one of these 2 systems or any system that uses a sync application to sync with the cloud then I would recommend have a pure backup solution as well.

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