IT Resourcing

Specialist White Label IT Help Desk

If you run an IT company, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to source, place and retain top IT professionals. The number #1 obstacle faced by CIOs is finding the right talent to meet your objectives. Enlightened IT Services bridge the gap – no matter where you are located.

With a bank of specialist IT professionals to hand, advanced remote technologies and experienced IT help desk personnel, we can supply any business in the world with services you may not already have at your disposal. We understand how frustrating recruiting top talent is and have the IT resources that ensure you keep your clients happy.

Maximum ROI. Minimum Effort

Whether the job is is a one-off or a full-on national roll-out of computer systems, keeping your client satisfied has to be your priority. However, finding the appropriate IT staff to fulfil a project can be a daunting task.

Sourcing IT professionals with the appropriate skills for the right price can be a challenge. What you need is seamless access to a team of specialist IT experts that can provide reliable advice, remote assistance and an on-site presence.

Enlightened IT Services provide a top-tier resource allocation service which enables you to match up projects with resources and IT talent that have matching skills. Not only that but we have the flexibility to scale up or down to meet project milestones and help you to maximise your ROI.

IT Resources and Help Desk

We offer two main services; we provide IT Resources to fulfil your requirements and offer our IT Support Helpdesk which enables you to service your clients efficiently.

With the demand increasing on internet-enabled devices, reliable managed services are more critical than ever. Enlightened IT Services is constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in business workflow and collaboration.

We also appreciate every business has different needs across the spectrum of IT services. We offer IT resources from server location to email software and are confident we can provide a managed service that is tailored to meet the requirements of any business.

Worldwide IT Resourcing - When You Need It!

We can provide IT Resources for both short and long term projects. Anything from installing a small office network to national rollouts – and for any company in the world. Furthermore, using our IT resourcing services couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is explain the requirements for your project and we will supply technicians that match the skill sets you require.

What’s more. our remote software can be installed on any device including mobile phones. This gives you comprehensive support on any device, any time and anywhere in the world.

Added to that, our active hardware monitoring system identifies any potential errors so that we can fix it before it becomes a problem. With Enlightened IT Services on your side, there are no problems. We’ve got your back! Contact us today to find out more.

Our White Label IT Resourcing Service

All of our partners can expect the following.

All contracts include a non compete clause to protect your client base.

We work within your existing pre-agreed service level agreements.

We use a Tier 1 Microsoft Provider for Office 365 Licenses.

We use your ticket system which enables accurate tracking.

 Accurate Geo Telephone number answered with your company name.

We can supply white labelled remote access software (If required).

Our Partners

Microsoft Certified Partners
Dropsuite Microsoft 365 Backup
Cyber Essentials Certified
Bitdefender Cybersecurity
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Office 365 Experts
Veeam Cloud Backup


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