Enlightened IT Services specialise in IT hardware, software, cybersecurity, desktop, server and network installations together with reconditioned pc procurement and repairs. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to provide consultations, and with a 24-hour support desk readily available to you 365 days a year, we’re always there to help when you need it. We’re happy to work with a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses regardless of your requirements or budget. We appreciate every company has unique demands our team has an immense amount of knowledge that enables us to be flexible. Therefore, we can customise our offering to serve your business best.

Email security is essential to keeping your business secure and running efficiently. Email Security filters out Spam and phishing emails automatically without the need for your input, allowing you to go about your daily business with ease. Email security does this by scanning through a database of currently blacklisted URLs and emails and scans attachments to make sure they are virus-free. At Enlightened IT Services, we’re partnered with Vade Secure email defence; this allows us to protect our client’s mailboxes with extremely advanced security features.

The benefits of using Vade Secure are as follows:
Filtering: Using its predictive engine, Vade Secure scans for anomalies, inconsistencies, and malicious behaviour in the message’s structure, content, attachment, and links.

Time-of-Click Anti-Phishing: Using smart patterns and machine learning algorithms, Vade Secure crawls the URL and webpage, following any redirections to reach the final page and determine whether it’s fraudulent. Unlike most URL exploration engines, we explore the URL both when it first enters the system and any time a user attempts to click on a link, thus defeating time-bombed URLs.

Auto and Manual Remediation: Vade Secure augments threat detection with postdelivery threat remediation. With a real-time view of global threats, the engine is continuously learning and will automatically remove threats from user inboxes. Admins can also manually remediate messages with one click.

Banner-based Anti-Spear Phishing: Vade Secure builds a technical profile for each individual with which your employees communicate. Our Identity Match™ system considers hundreds of subtle technical and behavioural factors to determine if the sender is who they claim to be to protect against email imposters. Natural language processing is used to detect malicious patterns, such as flag words of phrases, while unsupervised anomaly detection looks for anomalies such as senders who do not match the organisation’s entity model. Upon detecting any anomalies, the solution displays a banner within the email alerting the user that the message might be malicious.

Behavioural-based Anti-Malware: Going beyond merely scanning email attachments, Vade Secure performs a comprehensive, 360-degree analysis of the origin, content, and context of incoming emails and their attachments. Supervised machine learning algorithms holistically analyse more than 47 features of the email, attachment filenames, and their content to identify and block both known and unknown malware and ransomware.

Human Intelligence: Vade Secure operates a 24/7 global threat intelligence centre with email security experts. They continuously monitor the information that comes in so that we can identify and block new and emerging threats.

Native API Integration: Because of its native integration with Office 365, Vade Secure for Office 365 sits inside the Microsoft tenant, requiring no MX changes and making it invisible to hackers. Easy to deploy and set up, it layers with EOP, provides insider attack protection, and requires no external quarantine.

Spam Control: Vade Secure achieves a 99.99 per cent catch rate with a false-positive rate of only 0.0625 per cent.

Graymail Management: Vade Secure automatically classifies low-priority messages (e.g. newsletters, promotions, social notifications), while one-click safe unsubscribe easily eliminates unwanted communications, allowing users to have a cleaner inbox.

Cloud backup is essential to any business that holds important information about customers or the company on a computer. Cloud backup allows that data to be securely duplicated and held in a secure data centre so that should your data be lost or corrupted, you can still get it back. At Enlightened IT, we offer the Veeam cloud backup service. This allows the sensitive and important data that your company may hold to be kept safe. The Veeam service allows you to set a backup schedule and decide whether you want an incremental backup or a full backup. It also allows flexible restore options, meaning you can restore to the point that your data was backed up or you can recover individual files and folders.

At Enlightened IT we offer a range of support styles to suit every business need, these range from pre-paid block hour IT support meaning that you and your company have access to our IT support whenever you may need it. This type of support starts at £200 for 5 hours of support. Another benefit of using our block hour support is that you are not tied into a fixed contract. Once your hours are up, you may pay for more or walk away. Blocks of 5-hour segments are available for purchase up to a maximum of 100 hours, and support blocks are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Our active hardware monitoring system identifies errors before they begin to damage your system and alerts us immediately. With Enlightened IT you will have access to highly qualified and experienced technicians 24/7 that can remotely install software, fix problems and answer any questions you may have about any software or devices that you may use or be interested in.

Office 365 is essential to most businesses. 365 is designed to maximise productivity by using a simple, recognisable and easy to learn format that is almost universal across all office 365 products. Office 365 leads to a significant reduction in IT problems, simpler working practice from remote locations and all with minimal risk of IT freeze and other issues typically associated with office software. No matter how you access and use Office 365, you receive the same seamless experience
and enterprise-grade security that helps protect your business and customers. What’s more, there are no hefty upfront costs or hardware upgrades needed. With the experts at Enlightened IT Services taking care of everything for you, your team can work unhindered with tools that promote maximum efficiency.

One of the best ways to take advantage of cloud computing is to migrate your email to Microsoft Office 365. In doing so, you eliminate the need to purchase expensive servers that take up valuable office space and require periodic maintenance. Because Office 365 is a cloud-based application, you won’t experience any technical problems. Moreover, it enables users to access your email accounts, calendar and contacts from anywhere in the world and from any device. At Enlightened IT, we have ample experience when it comes to migrating, and we will ensure your migration is performed correctly and without the loss of any data.

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