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The growing threat of cyber security should be a concern for businesses of all sizes. Sadly, too many SME’s don’t feel cybercriminals are interested in their data and fail to secure their networks effectively. The truth is SME’s are more prone to cyber-attacks because the defences are easier to navigate. 

Data breaches invariably result in a loss of sensitive files, software, system corruption and even assets or intellectual property. Furthermore, the failure to take proactive measure to secure customer data from hackers can result in a fine that can put companies out of business. Based in Yorkshire our Cyber security service is available to customers across the UK, IT Security represents a large part of our managed support service.

The Cost Of Cyber Security

Businesses that rely on technology to effectively run your business cannot afford to ignore IT security solutions. Unless you effectively secure your business network from being compromised by hackers, data breaches can have disastrous consequences for SME’s – and could even put you out of business.

If you feel you cannot justify the cost of security software, consider the cost of ignoring IT security. SME’s in the UK have been issued with fines in the region of £60,000 for failing to protect consumer data. A Cyber Security Breaches Survey shows the average financial impact of a typical data breach costs small and medium-sized business over £3000.

The rise of cybercrime has not even reached tipping point. As the technologies and techniques used by hackers become more sophisticated, data leaks, malicious malware, security breaches, phishing attacks and identity theft will become more successful.

End Point IT Security

Before you can prevent a security breach, it is pertinent to identify the weaknesses in your security defences and determine where data breaches are most at risk within your business. Our specialist team has many years experience of working with cyber security tools and are capable of installing preventive measures that will protect your business.

Enlightened IT Services install end point security on every device that has the authority to access your business network. The security software we use is developed by Bitdefender because it provides the most robust solutions and active security software on the market.

Our end point security solutions include anti-virus, anti-malware, zero day exploits, advanced firewall settings and patch management all rolled into one centrally managed package. And with fully-automated reporting available, keeping track of your computer’s vulnerabilities is conducted 24/7.

Cyber Awareness Training

The biggest threat to cyber security breaches is the end-user. Whilst security technologies can detect and prevent attacks, they have no control over the actions of your employees. Given 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human error, businesses have a responsibility to train staff so they are aware of external threats and know how to implement cyber security measures.

A favourite tactic of cyber criminals is social engineering. Typical tactics used are phone calls and emails that try to persuade end-users to unwittingly surrender security data or click on a link in phishing emails.

Your employees are essentially your first line of defence. The passwords they use and the apps they download can invite security breaches. This is especially the case if your staff use their personal devices to access your business network. The knowledgeable technicians at Enlightened IT are experts in cyber security and provide first-class training to raise awareness and implement best practices throughout your company.

Cyber Security Training

Our training package is broken down into the 6 main elements of Cyber Security. 

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