Cloud Backup

Instant Access Without Time Consuming Installation

The introduction of cloud-computing services provides businesses with cost-effective storage solutions that give you more agility, convenience and security. With on-demand access to files and applications from anywhere and any device, cloud storage is a hassle-free solution that does not present technical concerns or maintenance issues. 

However, now that data is such a business-critical commodity, companies cannot risk ignoring cloud backup services and Enlightened IT Services have customised solution that guarantee your business data is safe and secure. Based in Yorkshire Enlightened IT Services provide secure cloud backup for businesses of all sizes across the UK.

Secure Cloud Backup

Because data is the most valuable commodity in the world it leaves companies of all sizes vulnerable to cybercriminals. If your company data is lost or stolen, your business and revenue could be at risk. Lost data is lost productivity, and in some cases you may face prosecution for violating GDPR and be forced to pay a hefty fine.

Regardless of whether the data your store in the cloud is financial, sensitive, operational documents or marketing media, your employees and your customers want to know their files and personal data are secure. Enlightened IT provides comprehensive cloud backup solutions including high-level disaster recovery and advanced security encryption.

The cloud provides a secure unit where you can store business data, critical programs and heavy-duty technologies that streamline operations. With all your data stored in the cloud, there is less strain on your IT infrastructure which enables your business operations to benefit from optimal performance.

Customised Cloud Backup Solutions

Enlightened IT Services is constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in business workflow and growing collaboration trends. We appreciate every business has different operational requirements and motivations so provide a customised managed support service that is tailored to meet your business needs.

Our remote software can be installed on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. This gives you support across your entire business and eliminates the needs for additional hardware. Not only that but our active monitoring system notifies us of any potential hardware errors so we can fix potential problems before they impact your business.

Companies store data in a variety of ways and no matter where you store information, it is important to keep your data safe and secure from deletion, changes, corruption, malware and ransomware attacks. Enlightened IT Services has been supplying could backup services for many years and throughout that time have developed a variety of effective cloud backup solutions that can be adapted to any business.

Reliable Cloud Backup Technology

No matter what the large tech companies want you to believe, commercial cloud-computing services provided by the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft are often not the best solution for business use. If anything, their sync systems can help spread cybercrime and invite ransomware attacks. In the instance a more comprehensive and secure backup facility is required the team tend to use systems such as veeam

There is a growing need for today’s businesses to optimise your IT systems in order to improve mobility and security – whilst saving money at the same time. The skilled engineers at Enlightened IT will back up your servers, workstations, networks and more in a secure environment that is monitored by our automated software to prevent mishaps. For comprehensive protection of your business data, our backup services are a critical requirement.

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