Client Server

Client premises move in record time

Normally when a client moves premises they usually give us a bit of notice and time to prepare for the move. This time this was not the case, with a deadline of 7 days to get everything setup was quite a tall order to say the least.

The new premises was nothing short of an empty shell with no internet, phone system or cabling. That is when we decided we needed to speak to some of our partner companies for some assistance and quickly. we recruited the help of Amico IT, Comms 365 and YooZoom. These three companies have proven themselves again and again and this time was no exception. We had 7 days to do what should have taken weeks to plan and execute.

Amico IT is the company to use when it comes to structured cabling for any environment. From Tudor style buildings to warehouse building nothing fazes this company.

Comms365 is a communication company with a difference. where everybody else is selling broadband, Comms365 offers solutions using 4G communication devices where broadband speeds are not practical.

YooZoom is our VOIP and Broadband provider for our clients. They don’t try and sell you things you don’t need or want. They are a straight shooting company that will give you a system that will meet your requirements to a tee.

All 3 companies were contacted on the Monday afternoon after getting the clients requirements. Straight away behind the scenes each provider is working out the best solution. By Wednesday we had a full plan of attack, contracts signed and equipment ready to be installed. Friday was installation day for the structured cabling for the offices. The 4G Router had been shipped and was on route to our offices, while the VOIP Phone system was been configured and the phones setup.

Monday – D-Day the client moves in, the internet is up and running and the phones are ringing.

That is how Enlightened IT Services gets it done.