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FTTC Broadband


  • Company Size: 1-30
  • Speed Range: 5Mbps – 80 Mbps
  • Cost: Low
  • Availability: High

FTTC Broadband stands for ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ and allows businesses to achieve faster internet speeds due to the connection being located nearer to your business premises than is possible with standard Broadband.

Key factors to consider when choosing this option:

Speed to install is a particular advantage
The cost is generally very low
Broadband is widely accessible over just a single copper pair

This is a contended service on the UK’s broadband network so bandwidth and performance cannot be guaranteed. In addition, performance and bandwidth varies massively across the country or even on the same street.

To summarise; in terms of cost and speed to install this is perfect for home users or very small offices where the demands on it are not high. However, because bandwidth, performance and service levels can’t be guaranteed it would be a risky proposition if you need solid, reliable access to cloud services.