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A fast internet connection is a fundamental requirement for modern-day businesses. If you’re consistently frustrated with the speeds and stability of your existing service provider, Enlightened IT Services can provide a solution with a super-fast 4G and ultra-fast 5G business broadband.

Is it time you got your business up to speed in a fast-paced world? Based in Yorkshire Enlightened IT Services install and commission 4G and 5G Broadband across the UK 


High-Speed Internet Connectivity

If you rely on internet-related tools for your business operations, ultra-fast connectivity is a must. Far too often, employees and business owners are frustrated with slow website downloads, sluggish search engines and emails that fail to send because the file timed out.

Choosing the right connectivity and service provider for your business is of paramount importance. Despite what mainstream service providers claim about their broadband connectivity, telecom companies still use legacy wiring installed by BT years ago. As you’re probably aware, these ageing technologies stagnate your internet speeds and you don’t get anywhere close to the megabytes you’re paying for.

The average internet download speed in the UK is reported to be around 55.14Mbps. This falls way short of countries at the top of the list that hit average speeds of over 100Mbps, up to 185.25 Mbps. With mainstream service providers only capable of delivering mediocre download and upload speeds, the smart move is to transfer your broadband connectivity to a service provider that uses their own network.

4G Broadband Connectivity

In 2019, the UK’s world rank for internet performance was 27 out of 53 countries – a rather disappointing and uninspiring result. Needless to say, slow internet speeds are damaging to your business productivity and revenue. As new and heavier technologies emerge, there is a growing need for faster broadband connectivity.

Enlightened IT Services provide 4G broadband solutions other Comms companies will not dare entertain. Free from the limitations and restrictions that are typically associated with telecom providers, our wireless service gives you the choices, freedoms and the agility your business needs to keep pace with the technological developments.

5G Broadband for Businesses

The emergence of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart machines, wireless sensors, blockchain and the Internet of Things puts more strain on connected networks. The additional power required to leverage the true potential of these technologies cannot be supported by today’s 4G networks.

The eagerly anticipated 5G networks are a vast improvement over its predecessors and can amplify heavy-duty technologies in ways that will revolutionise how businesses operate. 5G broadband connectivity can support 10,00 times more traffic than 4G and download speeds are 20 times faster. KMPG International predict these ultra-fast speeds will unlock US$4.3 trillion across the global economy. Don’t risk missing out on your share. Hook up with 5G broadband connectivity today!

Benefits of 4G and 5G Business Connectivity

All of our partners can expect the following.

Remote workers can connect securely to the network from anywhere in the world.

4g and 5g Broadband is the perfect solution for those in rural areas or poor coverage areas.

Significantly reduced business telecoms costs and increased broadband performance.

Easier access to Important information as all in one place.

Customised service to meet your business’ telecoms needs.

Support which enables you to concentrate on the things that matter.

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